Android Iasi Codecamp Cluj Autumn 2016

by Android Iasi


19 November, 2016 at 09:00


CodeCamp Cluj, Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj (


On 19 November, Android Iasi has 2 presentations at Codecamp Cluj:

Tesing mobile in the cloud

Android has a fragmented ecosystem. There are devices out there with square screens or even no 3G antenna. It’s impossible to test on all of them. But if we write automated tests, then maybe we could run these tests on hundreds of real devices in the cloud. Let’s compare Espresso to Appium and Amazon Device Farm to Firebase Device Lab and see which of these we like more.

How to touch your cellphone with passion

Finger up, finger down, move the finger, one finger on the phone, 2 fingers, more fingers, all of them can touch the same phone. Let’s make the user happy by offering an awesome interaction with his phone in our apps. We will discuss about The Android Touch System and it’s pitfalls, Touch Event Framework, Custom Touch Handling and some Gestures. For sure it will be a fun session for the mobile developers on Android and not only.

See you at Codecamp Cluj, on 19 November!

While at the event, you might want to use the Codecamp Android App made by us. It’s open source