GDG Iași Better Android

by GDG Iași


28 September, 2016 at 18:00


Sediul Maxcode, Etaj 1, Str. D. Mageron nr. 53 (


Our partners, GDG Iași, are hosting a gathering to talk about a better world for Android. There will be 2 talks:

MVP in Android, by Victor Grădinescu

As the Android platform has evolved to its maturity, Android projects now need larger teams, separation of control, modularity and testability. In this presentation we’re going to discuss about the Model View Presenter pattern and how can it be applied in Android Apps.

A few words about Victor

As an entrepreneur since the early versions of iPhone and Android, I’ve been developing many native Mobile Apps, either consumer or enterprise oriented. I’ve also built Enterprise Web Apps and did research in Vehicular Computing before that.

Testing mobile in the cloud, by Andrei Diaconu

Android has a fragmented ecosystem. There are devices out there with square screens or even no 3G antenna. It’s impossible to test on all of them. But if we write automated tests, then maybe we could run these tests on hundreds of real devices in the cloud. Let’s compare Espresso to Appium and Amazon Device Farm to Firebase Device Lab and see which of these we like more.