Reactive world in Android at Codecamp

by Ionut Valentin Negru


13 May, 2017 at 12:00


Room 7 (GDG track) at CodeCamp Iasi, Hotel International, Iasi (


The focus of the presentation will be on the reactive approach in Android.

The overall agenda of the presentation is at follows:

  • Overview of reactive programming
  • Reactive approach advantages over an classic approach
  • Introducing RxJava in Android
  • RxJava in Android applicability
  • Combining Java8 features with RxJava
  • How to structure applications that approach the reactive way
  • Short demo demonstrating the theory and how to use RxJava

The presentation will focus on explaining how things work behind the scene and the demo will come as an complementary step in order to show how the theory can be actually put in practice.
The presentation will require people to have interacted and used Java and Android.

About Ionut

An android enthusiast developer, with 4 and a half years of experience in android development and more than 6 years of experience in software development. I like to be up to date with new things that revolve around the IT industry. I like to travel, read books and watch sci-fi movies.


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This presentation takes place in the 2nd day of the event, which is free of charge, on May 13th. Look for the GDG track in Room 7!

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