How to touch your cellphone with passion

by Mircea Serediuc (Tzury)


20 October, 2016 at 18:20


TiVo Romania Engineering Center, Boog Room, 2nd Floor, UBC2 Building, Str Palas 5 (


Finger up, finger down, move the finger, one finger on the phone, 2 fingers, more fingers, all of them can touch the same phone. Let’s make the user happy by offering an awesome interaction with his phone in our apps. We will discuss about The Android Touch System and it’s pitfalls, Touch Event Framework, Custom Touch Handling and some Gestures. For sure it will be a fun session for the mobile developers on Android and not only.

A few words about Tzury

I’ve lost my virginity in IT 2 times, first time I’ve experienced web development and didn’t attached to that, but second time I’ve found the love of my life Android Development. After an experience in Kenya I’ve noticed that Android can change the world, because it gives access to information to people all over the world even in poor countries.